Siberian Cat Huntress
September 2nd
We are located near Dallas, Texas
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The True Siberian

A true Siberian Cat is the one with the proud
look of a Siberian Tiger and a loving, loyal
personality of a Siberian Husky. Our cats are
pure Siberian cats and do not have any Persian
or Siamese blood. Our desire is to keep this
breed "pure", just as they were pure in their
native forests.

As we mentioned earlier,  Siberians are very
loyal to their owners. It is not uncommon for
them to play ball or follow their masters around
the house. It is very easy to train a Siberian to
walk through the park on a leash, enjoy car
rides, or accompany their owners to a pet
store. Many owners who are allergic to cats do
not experience allergies when living with

In closing, it is a pleasure and honor to live with
these most beautiful and loyal cats. A beloved
Siberian is a very special lifetime friend that will
bring many moments of happiness.
We are registered
with TICA and SFA
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